Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gaming.SE Dwarf Fortress Succession Game

Ever since I got introduced to Dwarf Fortress on, I've wanted to play a Succession game and join the ranks of those that played BoatMurdered. The one person at work that has even heard of Dwarf Fortress doesn't want to make the time commitment, and even if he was, two people isn't quite as fun as more then two, and I'm not really interested in playing with total strangers, so the next best thing is the circle of askers and answerers from the Dwarf Fortress tag. Thus the task of finding a way to organize was started; meta.gaming was deemed off-topic. The next solution that was tried was a Dwarf Fortress Succession chat room on, but that quickly fell victim to the classic flaws of discussion boards: important information and decisions buried in a mountain of discussion and side conversations.

The people that are interested so far:
Arda Xi

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