Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer and Fall, 1051

This is the account of the first summer and fall seasons of  Earthdance.

We got 8 migrants this summer, including an expert diagnostician who assumed the role of chief medical dwarf.

 We disregarded the fact that he's also an accomplished butcher; I'm sure the two are unrelated.

I order all the useless immigrants to start building the walls we blueprinted months ago for our outer defenses, and we brought a bunch of wood our foresters chopped inside the walls. We also start a bridge over the river to the south.

The hallway between the surface and the rest of the fort has been set with traps. There's also a few around the entrance on the surface.

Five more immigrants! I guess we'll tolerate them since they brought an Accomplished Brewer.

My manager refuses to finish his meal.

We immediately build him a Craftsdwarf's Shop next to the Mechanic's and Mason's shops.

The manager doesn't even have time to claim the workshop before the caravan and liaison arrive.

And the moron wants rocks and bars, and we have no metal industry going yet. Moron! Maybe the traders can help the poor fellow out on his journey to enlightenment.

I just realized the Manager is also our broker. What an absolute freaking moron! I've transferd his responsibilities as broker to our tanner who's a Novice Appraiser until the Manager can get his act together.

We trade some beer and a caged fox for some metal bars from the traders, and immediatly the manager grabs them and starts his construction.

I finish meeting with the liaison and make sure he is very clear that it is of upmost importance that we have toys from the Mountainhome next year.

A goblin thief shows up and immediately runs off. The caravan guards are in hot pursuit.

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