Sunday, November 16, 2008

My wife and mine's campaign; session 1 and 2

July 22nd
DM: You open your eyes to find a strange mist obscuring some trees. Next to you is a bag. What do you do?
Wife: ??
DM: You look around, dazed and confused. The mist has a purple tint to it.
Wife: umm open the bag
DM: The bag contains a series of knots that restrict you from taking more than one of its contents.
There is a dagger, a torch, and a stick
Wife: take the dagger out
DM: A sound, like that of a flock of birds, is coming from the direction of the largest tree, about 100 feet away.
Wife: cut the knots off the bag and take the rest of the contents
DM: In the opposite direction, you hear howling very nearby.
Wife: climb the nearest tree taking the bag and the contents
DM: You feel a sense of urgency, that every moment you remain in the mist is decreasing your chances of making it out unscathed.
Wife: run the direction opposite of the howling
DM: You run towards the large tree that sounded like a flock of birds were in. You get about half way to it and can start to make out some details. The limbs of the tree appear to be a mass of movement
Wife: Can I use the torch to see what's in the tree?
DM: You rummage through your pockets, and find a piece of flint, and use it to light the torch. The tree is illuminated, and you see a dozen very large birds, each with two heads. They spot you, and appear to be debating among themselves in bird what to do with you. What do you do?
Wife: offer the stick to the birds in a very un-menacing way.
DM: The largest one begins to flap its wings, like its getting ready to take flight.
Wife: back away slowly from the birds
DM: It takes flight, and swoops down towards you, rapidly closing the 50 feet remaining. It picks you up by the shoulders, and carries you back to the nest at the top of the tree, obviously uninterested in the stick.
Wife: burn the bird
DM: The torch went out during the scuffle of being picked up, and the flint was dropped.
Wife: kill the bird with the dagger
DM: You stab at the bird with the dagger; wounding it. It lashes at your hand with its beak, and knocks the dagger out of the nest. You can see it tumble and spin until it hits the ground 40 feet below. You also think you see a wolf below, though it faded into the mist.
Wife: can I speak bird?
DM: No.
Wife: do the birds look hungry?
DM: They appear to be engaged in conversation, occasionally turning to peer at you.
Wife: do they have hungry eyes?
DM: You have no way of distinguishing hungry bird eyes from not hungry bird eyes. The bird that carried you up has flown off to the others, about 15 feet away.
Wife: attempt to communicate with the birds that I mean them no harm, without approaching them
DM: You make some silly looking hand gestures, motioning with your arms a bit. They increase their chirping when they notice you moving about, and appear to become somewhat agitated.
Wife: stop moving. Pray that the birds will not eat me
DM: You stop your vain attempt to communicate with the birds. You pray to the god of nature and the god of wolves that you may yet make it out of the mist alive. You hear some ever so faint rustling below.
Wife: can I see anything?
DM: You see a pair of wolf eyes gazing up at you, as if trying to communicate.
Wife: howl
At the wolf
DM: It howls back, acknowledging you as their pack leader.
Wife: tell the wolf to attack the birds
DM: You see more shapes moving about below. The wolf makes a guttural, growling sound, sending the rest of the pack into action. The wolves leap into the lower branches, quickly dealing lethal blows to the 7 birds unlucky enough to not have risen high enough in the flock to be higher in the tree. The remaining 5 birds take flight, circling overhead, analyzing the situation.
Wife: tell the wolves to catch me if I fall, then try to climb out of the tree
DM: The wolf you originally saw growls at you to come with them quickly
Wife: go with the wolves
DM: One of the birds breaks away from the rest, circling lower. It appears to be coming towards you. The wolves increase their intensity of growling, trying to convince you to get out of danger.
Wife: do the wolves look hungry?
DM: The bird makes his last circle, and grabs you by the shoulders again., but with less regard for you well being then the first bird had.
Wife: hit the bird
DM: It flinches if pain, releasing its hold.
Wife: yell for the wolves to help
DM: You plummet to the ground, dyeing instantly.
Wife: dang it
DM: As your spirit rises above your body, you see the wolves disappear into the mist, sad that their leader didn't have the sense to climb safely down out of the tree.

And now we talk about the session for a few minutes:
Wife: for the record I said to climb out of the tree
DM: you said "go with the wolves"
Wife: before that
DM: oh, so you did
Wife: yes I did
DM: I misread that
Wife: sigh, it’s ok
DM: well, it’s kind of ruined now, but we could pick it up from there
Wife: it's ok
DM: maybe another time
Wife: yea
DM: was that fun?
Wife: yea
DM: I didn't know where I was going at first
Wife: lol, yea I didn't know what to do really either
DM: the mist made distinguishing directions hard, so I had to throw a landmark into the scene, thus the tree.
Wife: ah
DM: but I had to give it a hook, make it interesting, but possibly dangerous
Wife: yea, you did good
DM: I guess birds don't invoke the same sense of fear that wolves do though
Wife: lol

July 24th
DM: The wolves have taken out over half of the birds, and the remaining birds have taken flight above you. You’re at the edge of the nest, making your way over the ledge, when you spot the previously useless stick. The wolves indicate that you're not safe in the tree; it seems the gods have given you an opportunity to escape. And you have an odd feeling you weren't so fortunate in a previous life.
Wife: /ooc you need to give me warning when you are about to do this...sometimes I’m in the middle of something
Grab the stick and climb out of the tree
DM: You climb down the tree while the wolves try to keep the birds in the air away from you. You notice one wolf indicating you should follow, back the direction you came from. You also notice a glimmer out of the corner of your eye. The wolves take off into the mist.
Wife: pick up the glimmering object and follow the wolves
DM: You pick up the knife that was knocked out of your hand from your previous attempt to fend off the birds. You begin to run after the wolves., but quickly fall behind. You feel as if you should be able to keep up somehow.
Wife: transform into a wolf
DM: You shift into wolf form, and quickly catch up with the pack. You can hear the sounds of the birds fading farther back into the distance. The mist begins to take a deep blue shade. Somehow it feels less ominous. The pack arrives at a cave. There are 2 other wolves there; they appear to be older than all the other wolves.
Wife: ask the older wolves to explain what's going on
DM: You make some barking sounds at the wolves, and they cock their heads at you, obviously confused, and somewhat amused.
Wife: umm, transform into a human and try again
DM: You transform back into human form, and pass out from the stress of changing shapes. You wake up to a wet nose pushing against your cheek. The cave is decorated with faded images of green trees and yellow flowers.
Wife: sit up, and look around
DM: The wolves gather around you, as if waiting for something. The two older ones are in front of you, the rest circling around the sides. You notice the stick in front of them.
Wife: ask the wolves what happened
DM: And the dagger in the back of the cave with a pile of indistinguishable things. The older male speaks to you in your common language, and tells you an evil has taken residence in the deepest part of the woods, the part with the purple mist. To the east lies a less dense, but lush, forest, and beyond that a field that has gorgeous yellow flowers throughout the seasons. He also says the blue mist only surrounds the immediate area of the cave. And no evil has come within it, yet. His counterpart, a female, chimes in saying they have not been able to determine the nature of the evil that has caused the menacing mist and its effects on the animals of the deep forest, but that they have sent for help from your brethren after you went missing in the deep woods.
Wife: ask who are my brethren?
DM: "others that have the same love and care for nature as you" he says, a little confused at being asked. "do you not remember?" he inquires.
Wife: I don't remember
DM: The pack leader explains that your parents were also part of a wolf pack, and that while you were learning from a master the ways of the wild, they went off to combat a group of liches that had taken over a far away town to feed a vampire lord. They never returned, but the town was freed from the liches. There has been no word from then since they left 8 years ago. He explains that most presume the worst. A few have hopes that they are unable to return, for unknown reasons.
Wife: ask the elder what other information he can give me...I don't seem to remember anything
DM: He goes on to explain that many have gone in search of your parents, or any evidence of their whereabouts. Or that of the vampire lord. And they have found no evidence indicating anything certain. He says you've been placed in charge of your parents forest, the forest that’s being infested with an unknown evil. And that all attempts to identify the source have been futile. He also says you did not leave with this stick or a knife when you went into the purple mist the last time, which was a few days ago.
Wife: ask the elder what else he knows about my past.
DM: "I will share more of your past later, if you still do not remember on your own". "There are more urgent matters at hand" .
Wife: fine, when did the evil mist first appear?
DM: He gives you a stern look. "Know your place young one. Though you are our guardian, I am still your elder. Speak with respect"
Wife: I apologize. What do we know about the evil mist? When did it first appear?
DM: "it started to appear 3 fortnights ago, but only in the very deepest parts of the wood". "We didn't think anything of it, considered it another beauty of nature, but then it covered more of the woods, and the lesser wildlife started to change". "They would grow in size, unnaturally so, and have abnormalities, such as the two headed birds that captured you".
Wife: has the mist only affected the lesser wildlife?
DM: "so far, yes. We’ve not noticed any effects among the wolves". "but we grow concerned. The mist has overtaken our den". "We feared the worst for many days". "But then a blue mist warded it off".
Wife: any ideas as to where the blue mist came from?
DM: "We can only praise Obad-Hai, our god of nature, woodlands, freedom, hunting, and beasts"
Wife: have there been any efforts to identify the evil mist or its origins? Have there been any reports from other packs of this happening elsewhere? Was there anything else that happened immediately before or immediately after the evil mist showed up?
DM: "none of the runners that have returned have had any information"
"There have been rumors of the order of wizards having some internal problems, and possibly a split"
"do you think they have something to do with this?"
Wife: it's possible, do any of the wizards have a reason to want to control or disrupt the woods?
DM: "the wizard alcove is many, many days run from here"
"do you think they're interested in the ruins? Could there be some old magic to be recovered that has yet to be re-mastered that they're after?"
"why would they not just come and take it and leave our forest in peace?"
"We have no care for their dealings"
Wife: there is a chance that it is not the wizards, but it sounds like that is most likely the case. I guess the best place to start is the ruins. Is there any way to harness the blue mist?
DM: "not with our limited magical abilities."
Wife: do we know anyone who would have the ability to do this?
DM: the wolves look at you with large eyes, as if pointing at you
Wife: oh
ok, well let's try it
DM: the wolves are eager to see your powers in action
Wife: I got outside and pray to the god of Obad-Hai asking him to allow me to harness the power of the blue mist so that it will protect me and the pack where ever we may travel
DM: the blue mist swirls about you
a wolf runner returns
"I am sorry master; the pack of Trenton has no information to offer, but say if you need fighters, theirs and their guardian are at your beckoning
8:12 PM "thank you fremi" replies the elder
He turns to you "this is the same response from all the packs so far"
"we could fend off any force with our combined forces, as long as that force has a physical form, but this mist confounds us"
Wife: tell the elder I think it is best that we try to assess the situation before we attack anything. Let’s use the blue mist to protect myself and a few scouts and go the ruins to see what's up
DM: elder rold instructs 2 of the more agile wolves to go with you
the two appointed wolves step up to you
Wife: has it been a day yet? Can I transform into a wolf again?
DM: you begin the process of shifting to wolf form, and find yourself now eye level with the wolves.
The blue mist swirls about again
Wife: motion to the wolves that they should lead the way since I don't know where I’m going.

And then we discuss the session some:
DM: haha
It’s been an hour and a half
I'm a little worn out
Wife: ok
DM: and this is a good point to stop
Wife: ok
DM: still fun?
Wife: I was wondering if you were going to get tired of it
DM: first session better, or worse?
Wife: umm the first session was worse than this one
DM: really?
I feel like I'm struggling it more to turn it into a campaign
Wife: oh
DM: the first session was just a little throwaway encounter
Wife: mmm
DM: any specific feedback? What was worse, what was better?
Wife: well maybe just my attitude toward it was different....I was just being silly last time this time I was kind of trying
DM: oh
I can see that

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