Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spring 1051 for Earthdance

Welcome to the founding of Earthdance.

I'm using Lazy Newb Pack 4.3 and roughly following the chart From Caravan to Happy Dwarves. I suggest we not use any reveal tools. Dwarf Therapist is acceptable. Turns are 1 year/1 week; if you can't finish the next person picks up where the previous finished.

Embarked at this location in Strasp Angstur with the lazy newb embark profile.

I set out with 6 companions: stalwart fellows ready to make a name for themselves. We're no longer content to live a life of ease and comfort in the MountainHome; we desire excitement and adventure. We've agreed to rotate leadership of the fort; I'll lead for the first year, then one of my companions will lead for the second, and so on.

Our first order of business is to locate a vein of metal and pierce the mountain. Oh yeah, we're going to name our fort Earthdance.

Appearantly we also have a thing against mountains, or even hills. Our new settlement is in the middle of a forest. You'd think we were elves or something. I'll make sure at some point in the future we make it clear we are no tree huggers.

There's a few patches of snow left on the ground. Since we're in the middle of a forest, there's no way to identify a vein of ore, so we'll just randomly dig a hole in the ground and hope for the best.

We've set up a rough governing body.

Thank the gods! We've struck copper and iron ore!

Now to set up some farms. We got a plot and a still built. Nothing more comforting then making one's own booze.

Set up living space for myself, my bookie, and everyone else. I've ordered my engravers to smooth the walls and floors of my bookie and my rooms. We'll see if they can get to it before I get mad.

First of summer of the first year, good booze production, so our future and moral is high. Never-mind that we have no military.
My fort as it stands before I go to sleep on the 25th of Hematite, 1051.

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